Take 2 mins to understand 'Why farmers commit suicide? 用2分鐘了解農民自殺的原因

Take 2 mins to understand 'Why farmers commit suicide?
When a natural disaster takes place, it follows with crop failure. Farmers are the only ones who bear all the production loss. Global warming is caused by our modern style of living.
We have learned that companies are funding genetically engineered coffee seeds and introducing them to farmers for free in the first place. After farmers rely on these seeds, companies mark up the price and charges a lot from them. They then lend money to farmers with high interest. So once there is climate change and poor harvest, farmers cannot pay their debt. In the end, they chose to end their lives.
Drink Coffee Justice and Bring Changes to Farmers and their Communities.

當發生自然災難時,農作物失收,農民因而成為唯一承擔所有生產損失的人。 但全球暖化在某種程度上是由我們的現代生活方式造成。
我們了解到很多存心剝削的公司和財團推介經基因改造的咖啡豆種子於農民,先讓農民免費使用。 在農民開始依賴及習慣這種種子之後,大公司開始收取高昂的費用。然後,公司開始以高利息借貸給於農民。 所以一旦發生氣候變化或收成不佳,農民就無法償還債務。 最後,農民選擇結束自己的生命。