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Take 2 mins to understand 'Why farmers commit suicide?

When natural disaster takes place, crop failure is what follows and farmers are the only one who bear all the production loss. Global warming is somehow caused by our modern style of living. Many big companies and financial groups are funding genetic engineered coffee seeds and introducing to farmers, give seeds to them for free in the first place. After farmers are all depending and used to those seeds, companies mark up the price and charges a lot from them. They then lend money to farmers with a high interest. So once there is a climate change and poor harvest, farmers cannot pay their debt. At the end they chose to end their lives. Drink Healthy Coffee and Bring Changes...

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TDP coffee beans are simply pure and natural

All our beans are Arabica single origin bean from Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest snow-covered dormant volcano and the world's highest free-standing mountain.Nurture by snow water from the mountain, purify by underground spring water and then dry process under the sun. Every bean is delicately taken care by nature and our farmer friends, simply pure and natural.

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Every coffee bean comes with a high cost and effort under the serious lack of resources and tools

 Farmers need ground water to process the coffee beans. Without electricity and machine, they can only use the simple tool you see in the video to dig into the ground and see if there is any source of water. TDP will set up a pulping machine for the farmers as a return to the community to lower their time cost. Drink Healthy Coffee and Bring Changes to FarmersShare Tanzania Dream Project if you support and CARE

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