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Take 2 mins to understand 'Why farmers commit suicide? 用2分鐘了解農民自殺的原因

Take 2 mins to understand 'Why farmers commit suicide?When a natural disaster takes place, it follows with crop failure. Farmers are the only ones who bear all the production loss. Global warming is caused by our modern style of living.We have learned that companies are funding genetically engineered coffee seeds and introducing them to farmers for free in the first place. After farmers rely on these seeds, companies mark up the price and charges a lot from them. They then lend money to farmers with high interest. So once there is climate change and poor harvest, farmers cannot pay their debt. In the end, they chose to end their lives.Drink Coffee Justice and Bring Changes to Farmers and their Communities....

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TDP coffee beans are simply pure and natural TDP珈啡豆純淨天然

All our beans are Arabica single-origin beans from Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest snow-covered dormant volcano and the world's highest free-standing mountain.Nurture by snow water from the mountain, purify by underground spring water, and then dry process under the sun. Every bean is delicately taken care of by nature and our farmer friends, simply pure and natural. TDP珈啡豆純淨天然。 我們的珈啡豆都是來自坦桑尼亞乞力馬扎羅山的阿拉比卡咖啡單品豆,而乞力馬扎羅山則是非洲最大的冰雪覆蓋休眠火山以及世界上最高的獨立山脈。 用山上的雪水滋養,地下的泉水淨化,然後在陽光下乾燥。大自然和我們的農民朋友都悉心呵護每一顆豆。

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Every coffee bean comes with a high cost and effort 每顆珈啡豆都是農民花盡心血栽培

  Farmers need groundwater to process the coffee beans. Without electricity and machine, farmers can only use simple tools to dig for water.TDP set up a pulping machine for the farmers to lower their time cost.Drink Coffee Justice and Bring Changes to Farmers.Share Tanzania Dream Project if you support and CARE.  農民需要地下水來處理珈啡豆。 沒有電力和機器,他們只能使用簡單工具來挖到地面,看看有沒有水源。 TDP將為農民設置製漿機,以回報社區,降低他們的時間成本。 每日飲一杯珈啡公義,給農民帶來改變。 如果您支持和關心,請分享Tanzania Dream Project。

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