Coffee Drip Bag 珈啡掛耳包
Coffee Drip Bag 珈啡掛耳包
Coffee Drip Bag 珈啡掛耳包

Coffee Justice 珈啡公義

Coffee Drip Bag 珈啡掛耳包

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Made in Hong Kong  Freshly Roasted
香港生產 • 新鮮烘焙

Coffee beans freshly roasted in TDP roasting Lab, Hong Kong. Suitable for hot brew and cold brew.

Origin, Grade | Tanzania, AA
Degree | Dark 深烘焙 / Medium-Dark 中深烘焙

White for Medium-Dark Roasts (良心/ 黑白) 
白色 - 中深烘焙 (良心/ 黑白) 
Black for Dark Roasts (公義/ 是非)  
黑色 - 深烘焙 (公義/ 是非) 


Dark Roasts 深烘焙 
Dark roasts will give you a richer flavor with a bittersweet chocolate taste and prolonged after-taste. You can brew with coffee machine or hand dripper.
Logo 字樣 | 珈啡公義/ 珈啡是非

Medium-Dark Roasts 中深烘焙 
Medium-Dark Roasts will give you the natural fruitiness with a bright sweetness.
You can brew with hand dripper, syphon and french press etc.
Logo 字樣 | 珈啡良心/ 珈啡黑白

Price 價錢 
HK$128/8 packs ; HK$188/12 packs (15g/pack)


If you would like to make group buying or bulk order, please contact us by email or by Signal +852 5244 2900. 

如有興趣做團購或大批量訂購,歡迎透過電郵 或Signal +852 5244 2900向我們客服查詢。