1) Additional Return公平價格+10

項目一《地區Tella Mande》:乞力馬扎羅其中一條村的農民子弟完夢,提供起動基金開一間建築材料小店,提供就業機會以及建築堅固的房屋,回饋農民社區;
項目三《地區Weru Weru》是為孤苦無依的小童助學,讓他們改變隔代貧窮的命運。

2) Friendship 農民就是好朋友

3) Roasting Lab 本地烘焙
我們直接將珈啡生豆(Green Beans)運回香港自家烘焙,我們專心研究就是為了不辜負每粒豆背後的汗水;我們相信,將烘焙的技術和熱情傳給本地年青人及基層朋友,一起成就TDP的夢想,意義更大。

4) Inspiration and Life Education 啟發及教育

5)Connections 近況分享

6) Assessment and Monitoring 可靠生產線

TDP Mission-A.F.R.I.C.A.

1. Additional Return
Apart from buying crops at a fair price, there will be an extra 10% from TDP to the farmers and their families, assist them in fulfilling their dreams, retaliate to the community development.

Project #1《Tella Mande》:is in one of the villages in Kilimanjaro, Mande, providing the start-up fund for the farmers family in opening a small building material store which creates job opportunities and builds stronger, sustainable shelters.
Project #2《Legeruki》:Installing Cherry Pulping Machine for Farmers' use for free in order to relieve their production cost.
Project #3《Weru Weru》: Sponsoring Orphans and underprivilaged Children's tuition fee in order to tackle root problem of property through good education.

2. Friendship
We often travel to Africa, local farmers are our dear friends. We stay in their place, pay visits to their families and communities and understand their living conditions and work places. We set up a company in Tanzania, obtained licenses. We won't allow our friends being exploited, and become the victims of globalization.

3. Roasting Lab
We export coffee green beans to Hong Kong and roast them with local formulas. We have done extensive amount of work in how to process the beans in order to fully utilize the best in them. We believe by passing on the roasting technique and its passion to local young generation and local friends rooted in Hong Kong, we fulfill more dreams, Together, We achieve greater.

4. Inspiration and Life Education
All TDP coffee beans are cultivated by our optimistic, contented African farmers. There are stories behind each bean, some earn tears, some full of life wisdom, and some even gives people like us who have always been in this materialistic metropolitan a wake up call. That’s why we decided to host grassland sharing events from time to time, let's share coffee in the air and also the meaning of life.

5. Connections
We would like to share the stories of the farmers further to more Hong Kong people. From the coffee shops which choose to use TDP beans to varies exhibit venues. You will see photos, videos and stories of our African friends striving for their dreams, which will be updated by our team that travel to Africa regularly. Share your stories and dreams to your barista at the same time in return, coffee connects people.

6. Assessment and Monitoring
We insist on setting up a company in Africa, earning a local license rather than just simply import the beans because we have to Monitor.
Monitor for the farmers and those who supports TDP, we stress on local supervise and work with trustworthy cooperatives and organizations as well. We do not allow any single bean and those who nurture them being exploited. TDP Coffee Bean is from farmers who sweat but not bleed.
It is a challenging battle in international coffee trade, but we will persist!