Cold Brew Pack 冷萃珈啡包
Cold Brew Pack 冷萃珈啡包
Cold Brew Pack 冷萃珈啡包

Coffee Justice 珈啡公義

Cold Brew Pack 冷萃珈啡包

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Made in Hong Kong  Freshly Roasted
香港生產 • 新鮮烘焙


Coffee beans freshly roasted in TDP roasting Lab, Hong Kong.

Origin, Grade | Tanzania, AA
Degree | Dark 深烘焙


Cold Brew Pack 冷萃珈啡包
This cold brew coffee tastes considerably less acidic but features natural fruity taste with its rich, smooth body.

Drop 1 pack in 700ml water and steep in fridge for 24 hours.
Then you can pour three cups and share with your family and friends.
Cold brew coffee can be stored in the refrigerator for a week. Enjoy your coffee.

Price 價錢 
HK$51/1 pack ; HK$148/3 packs (51g/pack)


If you would like to make group buying or bulk order, please contact us by email or by Signal +852 5244 2900. 

如有興趣做團購或大批量訂購,歡迎透過電郵 或Signal +852 5244 2900向我們客服查詢。