HARIO V60 Dripper 白色01 陶瓷濾杯

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HARIO V60 Dripper 白色01 陶瓷濾杯

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HARIO V60 Dripper 白色01 陶瓷濾杯

The exquisite ceramic dripper and the functional beauty of your V60 product create a perfect combination between traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

精緻的陶瓷濾杯和 V60 產品的實用功能結合了傳統工藝與現代設計。


Made of Arita-yaki 日本傳統陶瓷有田燒 
The dripper is made from Arita-yaki, a traditional style of Japanese ceramics with a history of 400 years. Each one is handmade by a local craftsperson.

Conical Shape 圓錐形設計 
The V60 has a conical shape for deeper layering of the coffee grounds, producing a rich umami flavor.

Large Hole 大口徑圓孔
The single large hole provides the ultimate freedom—pour the water quickly for a light flavor or slowly if you like your coffee rich.


※Available in Hong Kong only 暫時只供應香港 


Product Code 產品編號 VDC-01W  
Size 產品尺寸

L 119× W 100× H 82mm

Round diameter 口徑 95 mm  

Volume 容量 1-2 cups
Weight 重量(包括盒子) 300 g  (with package)
Materials 材質

Dripper - Porcelain 

Measuring spoon - Polypropylene

本體 - 瓷 ; 量匙 - PP  

Place of Origin 產地  Made in Japan 日本製造