HARIO V60 Range Server 600 雲朵珈啡壺

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HARIO V60 Range Server 600 雲朵珈啡壺

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HARIO V60 Range Server 600 雲朵珈啡壺

A server made entirely from heat-resistant glass. Both the pot and the lid of this server are made from heat-resistant glass. The lid has a silicone rubber seal for safety. Microwave safe with or without the lid.


Product Code 品號  XGS-60TB  
Size 產品尺寸 

L 145×W 121× H 120 

Round diameter 口徑 77 mm  

Volume 容量  600ML  2-5 cups
Weight 重量 400g  (with package)
Material 材質   

Glass server,Glass lid - Heatproof glass
The sealant attached to the glass lid - Silicone rubber

本體.上蓋 - 耐熱玻璃;上蓋口 - 矽膠

Place of Origin 產地  Made in Japan 日本製造